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MoogulatoR the next consequence releases will be done as MoogulatoR!
next planned release: compilation "electronic attack" somewhere in 2004 ;)

an exerpt of what happened.. please check for more..

ConseQuence gedankenRauschen CD
future intelligent electro
release: 5/2002

future intelligent abstract electro
"IDM / new electro"
instrumental - records

TRACKLIST: listen /download..
No.Intention 6:16
Maschinen.Tanzen 6:06
Die.Ewigkeit 5:08
New-Limit - Rev2.0 5:23
Fallen 5:10
Eine.Melodie 4:59
Gridlock 5:08
im.äTherRAUM 4:50
Future - Rev2.05 10:15
Ereignis.Welt.II 3:41
Elektrischer.Schatten 5:41
Atem.Der.Maschinen 5:29
A.Limit.. 5:42

ConseQuence - real or not 1 CD

future electro/

free download of this CD under "audio"..!

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Transitions_Der Übergang
a limit..

ConseQuence Volition CD

industrial electro ebm
cleopatra USA
sold out!

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TRACKLIST: listen /download..
Reliance 3:47 EBM
>Transform</ 0:41 Experimental
Access Denied 3:50 EBM
(Not)Allowed 3:53 EBM
>Kontakt</ 1:33 Experimental
Application Form: Life 3:52 Industrial
>Conversion Modulator</ 1:48 Experimental
High... 3:25 EBM
Definition Factor: F*.* 4:33 Industrial
T.A.Educated 4:14 EBM
>Processed</ 1:26 EBM
If You Want 3:33 Electronic
N-D-E 5:05 Experimental
>Disconnect. 0:24 Sonstiges
[Resume]/ 2:09 Experimental

ConseQuence regression CD

industrial electro ebm

under this link you can find about the first 2 CDs from Consequence from rock newsletter by jason ankeny "all music guide":
the original source
-> Consequence was the guise of German electronic artist Mic Irmer, who initiated the one-man project in the mid-'80s. Drawing influence from the likes of Skinny Puppy and Cabaret Voltaire, Irmer released his first album, Desolated Victims, in 1985. Regression followed in 1993, and 1996's Volition marked Consequence's American debut. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide ...

TRACKLIST: listen /download..
no frequency 4:18
intercourse 3:24
subject to retrogression 4:43
seductive? 4:09
save 3:29
it's history 2:47
psyrulent 4:27
in/significant 4:44
martinet 4:50

single track EreignisWelt/3
this is a track downloadable at under XT Demosongs made on a Microwave XT 10voice only..
ftp download

there are 3 vinyl singles available with side projects of moogulator / consequence.. ask!.. 5€/item plus porto.

Pattysplanet "Impressions 2001"
on - records
pattysplanet impression
find a special track for this
CD by ConseQuence here!
track "to mars"
music/text: consequence
more CDs and releases.. find some reviews, articles ,audio demos and samples in german synthesizer and production, music and interviews magazine KEYS. incl samples for drumsets and reviews on soft
and hardware synthesizers.
VINYL 7" by Moogulator / ConseQuence Vinyl by Moogulator / Consequence:
for 5€ / Single plus porto (depends on your country) you can get 3 kinds of 7" Vinyl - the tracks are:

-"not allowed" (consequence = volition) /
"color me blood red" (project: Graft)
ebm and industrial style.. straight forward and chillig/mindmovie
ID-NAME: electronic disease 7" #12

-"seductive?" (consequence) / "Eternity" (project: Cybotech)
seductive is ebm style, eternity is somewhat clubby.. 90's..
ID-NAME: electronic disease 7" #11

-"quiet revolution" (project: Karma Propaganda) / second disease (sd is no moogulator/consequence project!)
synthpop and hard ebm style..
(small amounts available only!!)
ID-NAME: electronic disease 7" #13

infos: releases_consequence compilations
and ED magazine was the idea incl these 7"'s
....-> the 7" were part of our magazine electronic disease!
so they are not "new" but 90ies.. ask: moogulator
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news! the pipeline!
ConseQuencE is Moogulator.. read on on the moogulator site!!

in progress & already live on stage: new werks on abstract electro with some dnb and clicks'n'cuts influences (believe me, genres are are hard-to-say thing!) .. but independently said ,there are some breakbeats, abtract intelligent and industrial to synthpop elements in the new stuff. also some handmade synth performance combined with very new bioelectrical organic rhythmic modulation mind movie.. consequence is for clubs and concerts!! and: art AND dance AND brains AND psy AND soundscape tech etc..!

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