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ConseQuence! future electro music!
    • did an own Magazine "Electronic Disease" and "Gothic Press"
    • here are some from other mags and media (just a few..):

  • under this link you can find about the first 2 CDs from Consequence from rock newsletter by jason ankeny "all music guide":
    the original source
    -> Consequence was the guise of German electronic artist Mic Irmer, who initiated the one-man project in the mid-'80s. Drawing influence from the likes of Skinny Puppy and Cabaret Voltaire, Irmer released his first album, Desolated Victims, in 1985. Regression followed in 1993, and 1996's Volition marked Consequence's American debut. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide ...

  • lots of releases as a writer for keys (german magazine for synthesizers, recording and productions, music and interviews) incl samples, sounds, reviews and demos and of course photos.. start with late issues in 2003..
  • before that you can/could read and listen to articles and review on amazona by moogulator (mic).

  • a new interview is online on cité souterraine (canada).
    find it here:

  • ConseQuence@Moog - TV: HR3 television had a special about consequence and elektro kartell
  • the keyboards magazine in germany had some articles about consequence... finally good ones ;) yes!.. (check issue 9/2002 and more) "GedankenRauschen CD"

  • SONGFEATURE at am 23.8.2001
  • FEATURE BEI zu CONSEQUENCE "regression" CD!!!

  • Free conseQuence track for download ConseQuence have a new track for free download. The track is called "Future" and is again a nice exemple of what you can obtain with a Moogulator when it is exploited to the limits. For more info on this rather interesting project, don't hesitate to visit the official webpage that is just filles with goodies and knows to click!
    Sideline / Belgium

  • Consequence “volition” CD New Life Mag.#5: Mai 96

  • "...This 9track album gives us the evidence that it is still possible to be original in this sphere. First of all we find rather aggressive tracks with violent drumming sounds an extremly distorted voice. I tend to say CONSEQUENCE went forward where Frontline Assembly stopped..."
    (Sideline / Belgium über
    regression CD)

  • "..sound are full of volume and depth ... has many touches of his own and avoids compromises. Careful lay-out too.."
    (Phosphor / the Netherlands über
    regression CD)