ConseQuence, aka Mic "Moogulator" Irmer
"Moogulator" special agent.. special author of Synthesizer and Synthesis technology. Mic is educated in audio engineering / audio producing, also sudio tech. and mic did the exams at the school of audio engineering (at sft / schule für tontechnik). this is also the place where the "synth diploma" about digital synthesizers derives from (the one that is available at

the next consequence releases will be done as MoogulatoR!

Mic works as an IT specialist and got into contact with computers and synthesizers simply by SciFi and future fascination and interest..

the chance of the "possible" and the pure fascination in creating real new art (of course the instrument to is has to be electronic!). autodidactic experimenting and experience made him learn the synthesis and synthesizer sound generation principles and some piano lessons, too. automatic landing between sensors and elektrons. no doubt: you gonna simply love synthesizers when penetrated with softrock (&the like) all the time (the ugly 70ies!).

consequently: Human Deadline, a label was founded (industrial electro) later "der Rat der Grauen" (still electro and dark ambient). Till 1995 he ran the "electronic disease" magazine, wrote for Keys, Beat and in 2006 he founded the german Synthesizer-Magazin which should be available, still.. Lots of fun satrical and "special" kind of reviews and interviews.. etc.. of course some writings about synthesizers here, too..

heres what it's all about: communication and interest in lifeforms, thinking, philosophy / buddism, psychological / different ways of seing the world in xxx's eyes.. everything can be found in the music of consequence, exept: any dogma, any musical "don'ts". there is always more than one point of view.. and its still not easy to put consequence into one of those "genres".. its often more than three of them..

contact to planet synth: betatesting soft and hardware so you might find some sounds by "moogulator or mic irmer".. currently writing for german print magazine Keys and works and plays in the live- "iNNtelligent beatz" electronic project DaDa-iNN. there is a DVD and video available from moogulator/maschinensound visunautic by Jan Bitzer (cologne), audionautic by DaDa-iNN (dada-inn nilleAllstar,bOOmbaum and MoogulatoR). DaDa iNN concept is playing live electronics!! also won a nice award for the short movie 458nm at siggraph, ars electronica in 2006 with that soundtrack, google for the animation short 458nm to find something..

after all, the ppl now do use technology, that was "guilty" for them maybe to take over control (haha!).

Networking! thats one of the most important things.. sync between other elektro-brainers.. there are lots of "people - galaxies" out there..

consequence: module and '"machine" of the new live/future-electro/intelligent nu elektronic - net & live-event-elektronix : Maschinensound


consequence live photo enlarged..

datanews, NordMars