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all=nothing. / <(k)ein Limit?>
look into the smallest "small"... the biggest "big"..
you can´t say: "here it is" !
you can´t say: "this is not.."
in the end you´ll find "nothing"
what you´ve found: the spirit ...and if you look at it..
you´ll find "nothing"
if you look for both..
you´ll find disappearing duality

Untersuche das kleinste "Klein".. - erforsche: das größte "Groß"..
du findest nur "Leere" - du fandest den Geist
suchst du den Geist?
so findest du "Leere"
suchst du beides zugleich..
die Zweiheit zerspringt

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..chance.of.randoM / <Zufall!?>
coincidence or what is it?
random events, random processes:
dreaming of things that will happen..
knowing things - I never learned?
seeing people - I knew before
"hearing" the person calling while ringing!
whose letter is in the mailbox now? you know!?..
we are part of a collective consciousness
this means "using" "substreams" "flowing" through space -
transport of information
space is equal to information

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starting to reduce confusion..
watch for cause and effect
all things we do - and we´ve done..
..are stored in our subconscious memory "RAM"
(=Random Access Memory)
there´s no "fate" or "destiny"
just our own actions must be seen
anger will be clearness
stupidity becomes (sharp) wisdom
attachment and jealousy
will be wisdom if you see
pride becomes versatility

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yes, I hear ... everywhere ... I see ... I feel ...
open myself to the outside (world) - noises surrounding me..
there´s some body here? ..it´s what mind can say
all´s in my "sense" - all things! - no life.. - organic? - not human?
who am I ? - who´s (t)here...?
I should think I´m safe - should I think not to be safe?

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yes, it´s real / <..Realität,,?> (engl.Version)
"I" am what looks through my eyes ... what thinks "this is real/ity"
everybody has a different "real/ity"..
(we´re) together in a multireal thought / world...
"I" am not my opinion/body - "I" am not my brain .. it does not "produce" my mind/anything
(things are thoughts .. opinions are thoughts .. thoughts are "spirit")

(Zusammen in einer Multigedankenwelt - alle haben eigene Realität
Das Hirn stellt Nichts und Niemanden her - Dinge sind Gedanken .. Meinung ist Gedanke .. Gedanke ist "Geist")

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push.force.ahead / <Eine Zeitlinie..>
sometimes my thoughts are the same as "reality"

Geschehnisse sind gleich meiner Gedankenwelt
änder(t)e ich (jetzt) meine Zeitlinie?
..im "jetzt" oder im "Bald"..
..oder in der Vergangenheit?
ist meine Vergangenheit meine Zukunft?

engaged deeple into it (or not!)
my thoughts were busy
now parts of it come true
could I influence the future? and/or the present time!!
did I change past time(s), too
do I influence my (personal?) past-time line?
do others participate - do you participate?

wer ist Teil davon - bist du ein Teil davon?

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erstKontakT / <.this is our.1st contaCt> (dt.Version)
Eine neue Technologie - wir haben es geschafft
wir waren bereit - oder waren wir´s nicht?
..sie kannten uns bereits
nun ist es Zeit sie zu sehen - sie waren nie näher als jetzt
wir sind freundlich und sind modern - ich gebe euch mein Wort
Ich hoffe auch - wir sind bald bereit- nun ist es Zeit
es tut mir leid..

(a new technology - we´ve done it
they do know us already - never were so close
we´re friendly and modern ... please believe me
perhaps we can meet you, next?..
this chance is too fast for us
but (now) it is time..)

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whY.Not? / <SolCon>
es ist so einfach - alles ist schon da:
Wasser, Wind und Solar(Energie)
Politik? das seid ihr und ich - nicht "die da" oder ein bestimmtes Gesicht
nur die Industrie braucht einen "Denkanstoß"...
so einfach, bloß...

it is so easy - all is there
wind and water, solar systems
politics? it´s you and me - no "this one" or a "certain face"
just the industry needs a "thought accelleration"
so easy.. (you´re the consumer!)

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a limit...
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To Mars -- ConseQuence new track with PATTYSPLANET:voice! / Text/Music: ConseQuence) info? see discography.

21st day of travelling
my mission to mars
people from my home planet
are proud of me

1st mission and me
the first ever to step
1st mission and me
the first ever to step
on martian ground

1st mission and me
the first ever to step
1st mission and me
the first ever to step
on martian ground


i will examine the surface
and install a big sphere
new city will be paradise
with two suns in the sky

when display shows up
please shut down the human pilot
please shut down the program human pilot

1st mission and me
the first ever to step
1st mission and me
the first ever to step
on martian ground

Texte Volition CD:CONSEQUENCE - .Volition.

RELIANCE this is my proof it was in the news yet shown on the screen written black on white it must be correct written black on white shown on the screen i´m just a single individual but tv knows they´ve got their sources everywhere naturally there are lies in this rag papers but my paper is real serious everything has been investigated carefully (right) what´s up i´m informed they are reliant fortunately personal meanings are announced before so no abuse ACCESS DENIED look at this our new products futuristic the newest technology we tried all mankind could do yes we bought the patents we have that know how some parts are delivered little later a decade or something about we could do much more of course but we must feed our families (NOT)ALLOWED this is another warning think about bureaucracy where is my personal right what about free decisions it's me the petitioner the underdog deny(ing) my opinion inHuman aberration so much problems created so many illusions dacying progress killed by documents alternatives not allowed why you wonder it's state decision private ideas not accepted APPLICATION FORM:LIFE did you make any experience in this of course we have a liberty of art and press law implies everybodys equality but what goes on in reality first thing the lawyer says is law's not the same as real justice forget about art liberty satire means offence for the judge law is what the judge decides it's quite hard to search for individuals with such formal method before (the) case eliminates by some words most people run to their lawyers first which ends in this stupid decrees what blocks your mind 's called bureacracy HIGH academic appreciation doing real art you need a paper from university intellectual scene will form(ulate) some words about you and now the media shows some interest/s could non-educated be artists could you imagine this there must be a difference between art and noise perhaps the answer will be there if electronic sounds are real music - computers are tools for human being DEFINITION FACTOR: f* of course definitely he must have had a certain thought! such a magnificent artist a real genius work of art it´s a symbol of something profound of course he thought of something well planned don´t you make out it don´t you make out out all that profound what do you think they really thought of IF YOU WANT just now i had to see this magazine again too much violence to much sex our children could imitate this everything with one course the children couldn´t you teach your child how to use the tv-set are you still searching for an all-electronic mother you are shouting for more censorship t.a.EDUCATED that is your religion this is your belief burning in must be explained never tried anything different let yourself being corrected reports on tv everything is right no doubt anything in justice no scrap of paper no appreciation conservative lyers destructing falseness all shit needs an education no work for fantasy just more efficiency you're looking different you must be stupid must be unable don't need success with such outfit need more motivation don't kill fantasies destructing falseness killing fantasies just more efficiency violence our tradition our object our right N.D.E it is provided people being identified with their profession their occupation your work represents you the rest no interest this fits your life establishment believes in this sport/s has to be my hobby my sense of life to move a ball the sense of life to know all scores that's great real genious society believes in this you can be proud of yourself the only thing to ask newest sporting goals of course your profession an if you want new tv-shows that's life isn't it one bores another there's just one enhancement most people agree with it total satisfaction total agreement. DISCONNECT.

CONSEQUENCE - .Regression.
und Bonustracks auf HD Compilation CD

IN/SIGNIFICANT humans as senseless working-machines trained for useless tasks filled up with "drugs" / commercialized sports on tv every day tedious movements do fascinate world population accept it rubbish to be forced upon scores and goals like every time in/significant news in the media very important abnormal if not interested what waste stupid game becomes mission in life in front of a tv screen money frittered away high state subsidy if you want some sports just do it don't pay others to do it for you just an idiot game of extremely rich associations so called professional sportsmen appreciated fools an expensive game taken very seroius.. too serious? INTERCOURSE gangs terrorize people consist/ing of the poor youth of course "we" are the most confounded don't avenge "your low intelligence" we are not responsible gang rivals should kick "each other" not the innocent once they love to be strong can't be engaged with themselves should buy a tv so they ain't violent state is aimless against stupidity. MARTINET/2
serf christ fulfill fanaticly the demands of stoneage past pope gives ill-timed stupid recommendation why the church preach for tolerance but expels the most citizens where is the humanity of these sacred holy perfectionists what's left we must pay for it standard-bible-answers as substantiation are these guys in right to force upon the confessionless against the will of (..) all faced against reality church always responsible for "conservativism" tradition/al rituals symbol adoration fanatism glorification. PSYRULENT no arguments no "knowledge" virus of ignorance produce gangs of blockheads absolute no knowledge drives them up beating instead of no arguments really regrettable unable to formulate (..) dull boredom kills idiots whould die without their brutal violence don't you think this is popular the virus grows disseminates more weak are those who not prevent others it's so popular to molest substantiated with so called politics ignorance kills breeds intolerance nazis who don't really know what is fascism? NO FREQUENCY state is the monopolist a program for the accommodated pop / rock broadcasting on these "few" private stations charts decide the program selling-amount rules "unable to broadcast" for untrendy things media control at any price more straight more equal population only gets the products of the industry cause? they only know whats on the radio one-sided decision diabolic circles "captivate" result in "musical fascism" adaption assimilation no frequency for human being no wonder everyone is "hunting" for the newest number one.. independence stays unknown personal taste gets prescribed all kinds of styles could be mixed but primitive rock (..) and the industry whould only be a magnet for "the primitive". SAVE/Rev.2 sacrificed to the holy inquisition popes kisses to the ground of discord obituary to of the innocent victims dissimulation uniformation 200 years for accepting science infallible master controlling reality deputy of the holy lord dictator of the richest land medieval "swallowed" informations are still a secret submission no faith persons and symbols canonization coffined / medieval system holy symbols to be adored no critics allowed appreciated sect. SEDUCTIVE copied lifestyle like their god symbols for adoration fanaticly placed under its command just to serve for the one stars politicians religion nation why it has to be so overdone everything gets pretexted own action deficiency even of ones own accord just to please the "idol" harmless and troublesome these extreme fans poor adorer without own style fundamental narrow-minded fan community could fill the state with yielded machine-soldiers is it fun to be a slave? servant of ideologies subordinated to somekind of star being auxilaries of everything you have always to please everybody some weird religion the worst thing the strickened do not feel being meant (yet?) wasted energy how far whould you go? SUBJECT TO RETROGRESSION it's a real progressive world we are living in big technical development but human being doesn't get on substantially different living / meaning / appearance? you are nothing in this genius society majority is really sick violence babbitry intolerance mediocrity nationalism (why) people are like this so embarrassing don't they have to do something different i can't believe the world is progressive don't you realize it it's nothing new do not fight with the same weapons better be idealistic if much more people would be like this whould be a problem for these guys let's drive them into minority mental isolation could impel them this is the time of adaption relapsing development it was already better? DIVERSITY/2 conceal behind the mask of religion disregarding casualties tolerance no intense resolving can't be violence locate prejudice filthy discord scapegoat behaviour accommodate the habbit unsagacious mentality construct ideals rotting down imitated prejudice pagnacious stupidity mediocrity deligacy mental dissection opinion detestable or "captive thinking" confront diversity not lackadaisical mind disorder just to eliminate prejudice mind dissection glorified grip democracy without agree confront diversity adoring symbols to kill your own ideals miasma grip hate resurrection rash decision don't be discomposed they are like animals be the tamer you just hate them mental truncation but eliminate prejudice. PROTECTION/2 memorized dehumanized interrogate incinerate you have to tolerate the world accelerate/s a net is built up memories installed machine could help you / could destroy you secret numbers for protection easy for manipulation real mind deficiency "machines as enemies" processors getting violent it's users are not innocent money and politics are not without critics peoples egoism one step forward for fascism data networks for police deformation for justice creatures can't be standardized they always try to normalize but be individual so there ain't no overkill wir werden alle gleich sein wir wollen alle gleich sein anpassung um jeden preis gespeichert auf einem schaltkreis i want to be standardized / normalized!